Susan Bidwell

It’s a Common Cause of Death in Children Under 5. What You Need to Know!

First aid in the pool

With spring on our doorstep, it is important to be vigilant about water safety to help halt the rising number of fatal drownings in Queensland every year.  As the weather warms up children will become more adventurous, heading outdoors more often to explore, and often being attracted to water. Children have very little knowledge of the … Read more

What Is a Nominal Defendant Claim?

An insurance agent talking to a woman outside on the road after a car accident.

Every year Queenslanders pay a reasonably substantial amount of money for motor vehicle registration to ensure we can legally drive safely on the roads.  Before 2014, vehicles would have a registration label as a constant reminded of when it was due, but since registration labels have been removed, the number of unregistered vehicles on the … Read more

What to Do after a Slip and Fall

A slip and fall case is a personal injury claim where an individual slips, trips, or falls on someone else’s property. These accidents happen in public and private places and fall under a public liability claim. Unfortunately, these types of accidents are quite common and can occur anywhere and to anyone. They can be very … Read more

Four Reason why Dashboard Cameras are Beneficial for Drivers

Never Underestimate the Power of a Dashboard Camera. You would have watched footage from them on the news, crime programs and social media, and believe it or not, they are more useful than you think. A dash cam otherwise known as a Dashboard Camera is a device that is installed  either on the dashboard or … Read more

Jet Skis A Danger This Summer

If you have ever been on a jet ski, then you will know that it is one of the most thrilling warm-weather activities you can relish.  That feeling of water splashing over you as you skim across the waves on a hot summer’s day is a feeling like no other.  While it all seems harmless … Read more

What Happens if I Get Injured Working From Home?

Australia has seen an unprecedented rise in the number of people working from home to help stop the spread of COVID-19. However, remote working was on the rise even before Covid-19, but the shift could be the change Australia has been long awaiting, Practicing social distancing and following restrictions during these times is very important … Read more

Motorcycle Fatalities on the Rise in Queensland

Ask any motorcyclist and they will most likely tell you that there is no feeling like hitting the open road on their iron horse. But it certainly does not come without its own set of risks. In this article about motorcycle fatalities, we will look at the increased risk that motorcycle riders have in experiencing … Read more

Industrial Manslaughter Laws in Queensland

A blast rang out at the Grosvenor coalmine in Moranbah, Queensland, about 180 kilometres south-west of Mackay on Wednesday 6th May 2020. Five men were airlifted to Brisbane after a suspected gas ignition left four of them in critical condition and one stable with significant upper torso and airway burns.  The explosion left the mining industry … Read more