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What to Do When an at Fault Driver Refuses to Provide Insurance Details?

The moments after a car accident can be a challenging ordeal. People’s emotions run high, many are in pain at the accident scene, and there may be contentious finger-pointing about who is at fault. However, for some accidents, it is clear who is at fault and if you find yourself in such a scenario, it should be straightforward. Sometimes it is clear who the at-fault party is, but they might make things more challenging. If the at fault party refuses to cooperate and provide insurance details, follow these tips to get your Accident Claim on track:

1. Get as Much Detail as Possible Independently 

After an accident is when most people gather and exchange information. If the at-fault driver remains at the scene but refuses to give you any information you require, do not engage in a heated argument, as that can aggravate the situation. After assessing the situation, do try to collect as much information as you can calmly and safely if possible.

If you have a passenger, ask them to discreetly record details; if you can do this on your own, you will want to collect the make and model of the third-party vehicle, as well as license plate, the jurisdiction of the vehicle and any other identifiable vehicle markers. This information will help when you report the accident to your insurer and the police, who can then aid in locating the third party’s insurance company.

You should also contact your own insurance company and report the accident.

2. Contact Police

One of the first things you must do after a Motor Accident is to contact the police. When you are dealing with an uncooperative at-fault party, calling the police will neutralise the situation, which can help the at-fault recognise their behavior, and hopefully sway them to share their insurance details.

If not, waiting for the police to arrive is a good idea, as they can assist in speaking with the other party to get their insurance information. Be sure that the police provide you with the other driver’s details before they leave.

If you are unable to obtain insurance information at the scene, request a police accident report as this should contain the necessary information regarding all parties and their insurance details.

If the police do not attend the scene, go to the nearest police station, and lodge an accident report. The police will not give you the other parties details, but they can contact the other party and speak to them.

3. Call a Lawyer       

When your attempts to obtain insurance details are unsuccessful, your next step is to contact a lawyer. A Lawyer and their team can assist you in obtaining third-party insurance information, leaving you to focus on recovery and taking care of other matters. Retaining a lawyer can save you time, expenses, and be an excellent support network, particularly in a situation where you are dealing with an uncooperative at-fault driver.

A car accident can be a frustrating experience. It can be compounded by an at-fault driver who refuses to cooperate. Remember to stay calm, do your best to collect insurance information, and contact the police.

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