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Charged with a Queensland Traffic Offence?

Most people think traffic offences are minor but in fact traffic convictions can be extremely serious and attract terms of actual imprisonment. Some examples of serious traffic matters are disqualified driving, repeated drink or drug driving offences, high range drink or drug driving offences, evasion offences and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle. The Queensland Court system views traffic matters seriously and a conviction for a traffic offence can have serious implications on your employment and personal life.

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Penalties for traffic matters can range from the imposition of a fine, to a community-based order such as community service or probation and in more serious cases, imprisonment. But rest assured your situation can be improved substantially by obtaining representation and advice from our lawyers who have a proven track record of helping their client’s to achieve the best outcome at sentence, to obtain work licences and to special hardship licences.

If you are charged with drink driving, the impact can be considerable. In Queensland, there is a mandatory requirement to disqualify a person’s drivers’ licence who is affected by alcohol, no matter what affect the disqualification will have on the person’s life (subject to their eligibility for a work licence).

You may also be charged with a drink driving offence if you refuse to provide a specimen as directed by police.

Queensland categorises illegal blood or breath alcohol concentration (BAC) into 4 alcohol limits.

If you are charged with low or mid-range drink driving and held an open licence at the time, it may be possible to apply for a work licence if you have had no suspensions of your licence in the last 5 years. This must be done when you appear in court to plead guilty, it cannot be done afterwards. There is a particular eligibility criteria required for a work licence. Our criminal lawyers are familiar with the criteria and what is required to be covered in the affidavit material to successfully obtain a work licence.

It’s easy to make mistakes on the road. If you find yourself in a situation our lawyers can advise you on potential penalties and provide support in the lead up to the appearance of your case. We offer low fixed rates and are a preferred supplier of Legal Aid.

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If you are concerned about your licence, income, and your family, then having the right legal expertise is crucial, particularly for first-time offenders. We know traffic law and the courts, and whatever your case may be, our team of highly respected criminal lawyers will ensure you receive the best possible outcome. We regularly resolve driving offences, secure work licences, and mitigate disqualification periods. We are dedicated to ensuring your sentence and disqualification period are as lenient as possible.

We strongly believe in guiding our clients through every step of the legal process. We offer a free initial consultation, and we provide accessible representation to clients with limited financial means, including appearing for clients on a grant of Legal Aid.


Our Brisbane Traffic Lawyers deal with traffic matters in court regularly some of those include: