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Do I Need A Compensation Lawyer When Making a Workers Claim

When workplace disputes or conflict between employees and employers arise, not only can it have serious legal and financial implications for both parties, but also cause physical and emotional consequences.
Workplace disputes include breaches of protected human rights, discrimination, harassment, unfair dismissal, workers’ compensation or conflict over terms and conditions of employment. If you have experienced any of the circumstances mentioned above, it is important that you get a compensation lawyer to ensure a more positive, cost efficient outcome.

Here are some of your options from a compensation lawyer’s perspective

The appropriate way to resolve a dispute will depend on specific circumstances. Disputes regarding contracts or serious cases of workplace harassment or discrimination may warrant direct action. Ideally, the dispute can be resolved internally. Often, this would be done following the employers’ policies regarding these matters, allowing for complaints to be formally dealt with. If an internal resolution is not reached, it may be necessary to take legal action.
Legal action might include complaining to public authorities such as Workplace Health and Safety Queensland or making a claim against your employer. This is where it is necessary to consult an experienced compensation lawyer who can provide expertise to determine the most appropriate course of action for you while helping you gather the relevant documentation for that claim and guiding you through the process.

Work-Related Injury Claims

There are a number of work-related injuries that can give rise to an entitlement to compensation. Employees can suffer from a serious illness, psychological and mental injuries to chemical exposure and hearing loss. Claimants may be compensated for medical costs, ongoing treatment such as rehabilitation costs, loss of income comprising of past and future earnings, and paid care in certain circumstances.

Making a claim is not a simple process. However, a workers compensation lawyer can help navigate through the many aspects in a workers compensation claim, to avoid overlooking certain aspects and missing out on benefits you may be entitled to. The associated legal issues can be complicated, especially if the claim is contested. A settlement will often be reached through court or negotiation; both of these processes will require the assistance of experienced compensation lawyers on both sides. Without being properly informed of your rights and entitlements, you may be placed at a significant disadvantage when up against opposing legal representation.

The Importance of An Experienced Compensation Lawyer

Injured workers making a claim are at risk of not receiving compensation that reflects their full entitlements, or being unaware of the extent of their rights and settling a claim without obtaining your complete entitlements.
There are two approaches to making a work-related injury claim—workers compensation and common law claims. Your lawyer will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to determine which pathway is most suitable for your case and ensure a successful outcome.


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Work-related injury claims are subject to strict time limits and timeframes can sometimes be difficult to distinguish for specific injuries, meaning you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. If you are thinking of making a work-related injury claim in Queensland, contact one of our expert work injury lawyers with the team at Brisbane Lawyers to best protect your interests.

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